City of Säffle

Among the cities twinned with Telavi is the Swedish city of Säffle.
Country – Kingdom of Sweden
Province – Verlmand
Area – 7.35
Population – 8.991 (2010)
Website –

  • 2008 A memorandum of friendship was signed between the two cities
  • Its main industries are wood and paper manufacturing
  • 2008-2013 a number of visits were made between the two cities
  • 2010 Students were sent from Telavi to Säffle on a study mission (“Youth in Action” Project)
  • Telavi delegation in Säffle had work experience in:

    1) The Volvo factory
    2) The Garbage Recycling factory
    3) The Paper factory

  • Meanwhile, the Swedish delegation helped disabled children in Telavi “New life” School
  • On May 2013 two people from Säffle municipality were visiting Telavi on a business mission
  • A deeper relationship between the two cities is being planned for the near future at various levels: business, economics, cultural and social